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ded by bamboo forests, neither he nor other villagers fully realized the value of bamboo.As more tourists come to see the beautiful▓ scenery of the bamboo forests, Fan

g can now earned more than one million yuan (158,000 U.S. dollars) by ▓selling his bamboo work every year.In Ba▓ijie Town, villa

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gers cultivate bamboo fungus, or c▓rinoline stinkhorn, a delicacy in some Asian countr▓ies, which grows in well-rotted bamboo.Long Cha

uring temper▓

atures on the surfac

ogui, 49, once a migrant worker, decided to stay in the village and develop his own bamboo business.In the eyes of Lon

e of the moon."Explori▓ng

the far side of the moo

g, bamboo is the "golden key" to change his hard life.▓ He sold bamboo and bamboo shoots at first, and finally gr

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ew bamboo fungus, which brought him more than 400,000 yuan last year. Long is now planning to expand his business this y

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ear.Since there is a high demand for this kind of mu▓shroom, other villagers have follow▓ed suit to develop bamboo-related busin▓ess.The

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bamboo have also attracted businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has been developed as a raw material to produce paper, charcoal, wine and fiber product

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ation might influe

s. Those products increase employment and incomes for local residents."W

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nerations," said She

ith the largest area of ba▓mboo forests of any province, th

n Zhenron▓g, a

designer of the lunar ro

e b▓amboo industry has become a pillar industry ▓i

ver.Wu Weiren sa

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n some regions of Sichuan. Total output

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has reached one billion yuan," said Ma Ping, an official with the provincial forestry department.There are more than 1.16 mill

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ion hectares of commercial bamboo plantations in the province, which is also the habitat of nearly 1,800 giant p

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andas.Chen Yingjun, a farmer in Wolong Town in southwest Chin▓a's Sichuan Province, used to grow potato and corn, but his life has greatly improved since he star

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ted to grow bamboo for giant pandas.Chen signed an agreement with the local government to grow bamboo

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on his farm for giant pandas.He successfully got rid of poverty, while other ▓farmers from more than 3,000 households in this tow

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f Earth and ourselves.

n ha▓ve also joined the government-led project. ▓More impoverished people are expected to be l▓ifted out of p

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